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Sign Permitting

Why Do You Need A Sign Permit?

In short terms, the purpose of a signage permit is to abide by local zoning restrictions on things including illumination, height, size, and digital signage.

From the County of Strathcona:

“The general purpose is to regulate the number, size, type, form, appearance and location of signs in order to balance the need for signs with safety and aesthetics, provide adequate and flexible means of identification for commercial and industrial enterprises and minimize potential adverse effect of signs on private and public property”

In the City of Edmonton specifically, exterior signage is required to have the appropriate Edmonton sign permits as per the Zoning Bylaw 12800, Signage Regulations.

Municipalities across Western Canada require that you obtain a permit for illuminated, exterior business signage to ensure safety and visual standards; please contact your local Planning and Development office or Contact Us for information specific to your location.

Typical Paperwork

Although every municipality in Alberta is different in what information they require for a signage permit, generally you will require:

  • Landlord Approval (if located in a shopping centre, professional building or shared warehouse).
  • Construction value of project.
  • Site Plan and Municipal Address.
  • Detailed plans with the stamp of a Professional Engineer (typically only required for Pylon Signage).

Since many landlords have their own requirements for signs on their premises, it is best to obtain their signage criteria and guidelines before starting the design process. We will work with your property manager or landlord on your behalf to design appropriate displays that follow all design and sizing requirements.

Our Services

Proper Completion of Permit Paperwork

Leave it to the experts! Our Edmonton Sign Company will work with local Planning and Development offices to complete the necessary paperwork and supply proper documents to have your sign permits approved as quickly as possible.

  • Advice on what signage is permitted.
  • Engineered and stamped drawings (courtesy of the Alberta Sign Association).
  • Support if  your application is referred to the Development Appeal Board or, if you prefer, handle your appeal before the Board.

You will require Landlord Approval for Blanchett to apply for the permits on your behalf. Please download and fill out our Landlord Approval form.

Signage Bylaws

Not only did we work closely with the City of Edmonton on the writing of Zoning Bylaw 15892 (Digital Signage), but we have also worked with a number of communities around Alberta to draft comprehensive signage bylaws that allow businesses to successfully advertise their services through signage, but satisfy city and resident’s concerns about safety and aesthetics.


Does your municipality need assistance with general signage or electronic message centre (LED sign) permitting? Contact Us today!